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Correlação entre a adaptação marginal e infiltração em coroas totais com três tipos de cimentos

Atualizado: 10 de jun.

Correlation between margin fit and microleakage in complete crowns cemented with three luting agents

Paulo Henrique Orlato Rossetti

Accacio Lins do Valle

Ricardo Marins de Carvalho

Mario Fernando de Goes

Luiz Fernando Pegoraro

Microleakage can be related to margin misfit. Also, traditional microleakage techniques are time-consuming. This study evaluated the existence of correlation between in vitro margin fit and a new microleakage technique for complete crowns cemented with 3 different luting agents. Thirty human premolars were prepared for full-coverage crowns with a convergence angle of 6 degrees, chamfer margin of 1.2 mm circumferentially, and occlusal reduction of 1.5 mm. Ni-Cr cast crowns were cemented with either zinc phosphate (ZP) (S.S. White), resin-modified glass-ionomer (RMGI) (Rely X Luting Cement) or a resin-based luting agent (RC) (Enforce). Margin fit (seating discrepancy and margin gap) was evaluated according to criteria in the literature under microscope with 0.001 mm accuracy. After thermal cycling, crowns were longitudinally sectioned and microleakage scores at tooth-cement interface were obtained and recorded at ×100 magnification. Margin fit parameters were compared with the one-way ANOVA test and microleakage scores with Kruskal-Wallis and Dunn's tests (alpha=0.05). Correlation between margin fit and microleakage was analyzed with the Spearman's test (alpha=0.05). Seating discrepancy and marginal gap values ranged from 81.82 µm to 137.22 µm (p=0.117), and from 75.42 µm to 78.49 µm (p=0.940), respectively. Marginal microleakage scores were ZP=3.02, RMGI=0.35 and RC=0.12 (p<0.001), with no differences between RMGI and RC scores. The correlation coefficient values ranged from -0.27 to 0.30 (p>0.05). Conclusion: Margin fit parameters and microleakage showed no strong correlations; cast crowns cemented with RMGI and RC had lower microleakage scores than ZP cement.


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