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The IN24 Congress at its best!

The IN Latin American Osseointegration Congress international team at its best!

Distinguished speakers across the globe will join forces this 2024 in September, 24th-27th, at the Distrito Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil, to present cutting-edge, update clinical and scientific materials on Implant dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and more.

The international team is formed by:

  • Alberto Monje (Spain)

  • Algirdas Puisys (Lituania)

  • Daniel Buser (Swiss)

  • Diego Bechelli (Argentina)

  • David Furze (United Kingdom)

  • David Norré (Belgium)

  • Eric van Dooren (Belgium)

  • Joseph Choukroun (France)

  • Markus Blatz (USA)

  • Orlando Alvarez (Chile)

  • Pablo Galindo Moreno (Spain)

  • Salah Huwais (USA)

  • Rodrigo Neiva (USA)

  • Ueli Grunder (Swiss)

  • Waldemar Polido (USA)

The Incongress has been organized by VMCOM since 2006.

Also, the Scientific Program includes some members of the international and national Brazilian teams taking part in some of the activities below:

  • 4 Master Classes

  • 51 Immersion Courses

  • 8 Round Tables

  • 8 Knowledge tracks

  • 4 Special Lectures

  • 150 Conferences

  • 15 Digital Labs

  • 20 Meet & Great Sessions

  • 13 Corporate Sessions

More details can be found at:


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